About the Author

Indira K. Rao is a retired laboratory supervisor of Pathology laboratories from the University of Mississippi Medical Center at Jackson, MS. Before coming to Mississippi, she worked in Childrens Hospital, Pittsburgh and Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans. Indira is Gold-Medalist with B.Sc. (Hons) and M. Sc. from Andhra University, India. After graduation she worked as Assistant Professor in Government College. In 1967 after marriage, she moved from South to North India and in 1970 January from India to Pittsburgh, USA. She lived in Pittsburgh for eighteen years where she joined the University of Pittsburgh. Initially she was a graduate assistant and later worked part time in Carlow College. She earned a Masters in biology and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. After a gap of seven years from 1967, she went back full time and worked in Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh. After moving to south in 1989 she worked as supervisor in Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans and moved to Jackson, MS. She retired in 2002 December and traveled across the five continents with her husband and treasured the golden years. This book is a compendium of life and travels across the globe. She associated with community activities, served on Board of Trustees of local Hindu Temple Society, MS where she was the Vice Chair for one year. Indira and her husband KR live and spend their retirement years in Brandon, Mississippi.